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      What is permanent Jewelry?

      Permanent jewelry refers to a piece (usually a  bracelet or anklet) that's welded together instead of secured with a clasp. Permanent Jewelry can be a sign of commitment. You might get matching permanent bracelets with your BFF as a symbol of your friendship, to commemorate an occasion or experience you all shared together, like a vacation, wedding or anniversary!


       Why the deposit?

      The deposit is there to hold your spot and goes towards the hosts purchase.


      How permanent is it?

      Permanent Jewelry is Welded together instead of using a traditional clasp that can be opened. If you do want to remove your permanent jewelry, all you'll need are some sharp scissors, nail clippers or cutting pliers to cut it off. In some cases, however, the metal can get stretched out, which may cause the chain to break before you're ready to say goodbye.